About Us

When another of the major copier companies started laying off their US support staff opting to move that service overseas, out of a desire to provide our customers with the level of service they expect and deserve, Pro Visions Document Solutions was formed.  Together with our sister organization of Pro Visions IT Consulting we are able to provide end to end solutions for our customers.  

It is our desire to provide customers with a high level of integrity both in Sales and Service.  Our customers receive local sales, service, and support from our Charlotte NC based team.  We believe it is important to support the local economy.

Our Value to our customers:

At Pro Visions – We market a full line of workflow solutions including Kyocera MFP’s, Desktop Printers and Microsoft Systems. We also cover most laser printer brands under our Managed Print Services Program saving our customers time and money on supplies, parts and service.

We specialize in designing, implementing and managing workflow solutions for companies in the Greater Charlotte and surrounding areas. We support our customers by exceeding their expectations and providing solutions that meet their needs.

Born out of the need for a locally-owned and operated business in our field – we will always hire locally, as well as reinfuse capitol back into the community to positively affect socioeconomic growth and programs in this area.

Our Mission

  • To hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and accountability for how we serve our customers and work with our team.
  • To sell the best products and provide the best level of service available in the industry. 
  • To be a trusted technology partner and streamline the experience by being a single source solution for sales, support, and service.

Our Experience

We have over 20 Years experience in Service.

We have over 25 Years Sales Experience

We have over 30 years IT

All together, the Pro Visions Document solutions team brings over 108 years of combined experience to service and support our customers.

Why Kyocera

Kyocera provides award winning document solutions for businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.  Here are just a few of the accolades that Kyocera Document Solutions products have received in recent years:

Kyocera was founded as a ceramics company making things like insulators, solar photovoltaic modules; biocompatible tooth- and joint-replacement systems; industrial cutting tools; consumer ceramics, such as ceramic-bladed kitchen knives and ceramic-tipped ballpoint pens.  In January 2000, Kyocera acquired photocopier manufacturer Mita Industrial Company, This resulted in the creation of Kyocera Mita Corporation (now Kyocera Document Solutions Corporation).  With a history of ceramic manufacturing, Kyocera is the only copier company to design and manufacture their own ceramic drums.  The result is an extremely reliable product reducing downtime.  Additionally, Kyocera has standardized the print driver across their MFP/Copier line.