We have truly enjoyed working with Bill and Pro Visions at our property. We were stuck in a bad situation as we purchased this property 1 year ago, and inherited the contract with a dated copier.  Shortly after the purchase, our copier stopped working.  Instead of fixing or replacing our machine, our previous vendor essentially told us we were on our own.  We were stuck with the lease with Toshiba until March of 2022.  So we had a very small budget to get a new copier/printer.  Bill came in and saved the day.

Pro Visions sent a team to get our entire office linked to the new machine, set up internet and scanning capabilities for all of my employees.  They worked with our budget and continue to check in monthly to ensure everything is working properly.

I am always able to contact Bill directly if we need toner, and Pro Visions even assists with IT needs at our property.  The equipment works perfectly and their staff is a joy to work with!